Deer Hunting Tips

Every hunter secretly wishes he or she could display a trophy buck at some time during their hunting career. We can help you bag that beauty.

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Deer Hunting Strategies

Learn the deer hunting strategies developed by professionals and non professionals. The right strategy can make all the difference.

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Bow Hunting

Bow hunting presents unique challenges that some feel require much more skill than gun hunting. Many deer hunters do both bow and gun hunting so they get the best of both worlds.

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Deer Hunting Advisor

The Deer Hunting Advisor site is about you the Whitetail Deer Hunter. This is a family site to help you and your family become better at what we all love and have a passion for, bringing home some venison to feed our family or maybe a trophy, like the 14 point Buck I took a few years ago with my bow on the land that I now own. I will put up pictures on different pages of this site to show I do work hard on harvesting nice bucks each year. Whitetail Deer Trophy Buck

Come on in and take a seat at our campfire, warm yourself. We will be here to help you solve your deer hunting problems with tips, or products that we use and have field tested.

I would bet along the way you will teach us a thing or two as well. We have a good size advisory staff of deer hunters that we hunt with and learn from all the time. We help each other and will help you as well. Write to us with all you questions and comments.

Some of the whitetail deer hunting issues we continue to work on are:

  •  Selecting the right hunting tools and supplies that fit into your budget, including
  • Bows, Guns,
  • Clothing,
  •  Scent control products
  • Tree Stands
  • Trail Cameras

You name it we usually have tried it and we constantly study material of the whitetail.

Every one of us here knows and understands the frustration of a missed opportunity in the whitetail woods. I had a buck I was hunting this year and had a possible shot at him but did not take it because of a limb in my way. You know how disappointed I was but I knew it was the right thing to do, pass on a poor shot and let this beautiful buck take off with the doe he was with.  The name of hunting whitetail deer is called patience.  After seeing this buck and doe take off I sat back down. Less than an hour after this happened I saw a deer coming from another area and right away I could see the antlers.  I hoped it was the same buck coming back my way.  We had pictures of two trophy bucks before the season.  one had two beams on the right side. They were both very similar.  This buck went by and I could not get a shot but as soon as he hit the other bucks trail he turned back my way quick.  Pictured is that buck. When we skinned him the had brusing on his back.  We assumed he and the bigger buck had become aquainted, and this is why he turned and came back my way. He stopped at 15 yards from the base of my tree.  You see the results.bow hunting harvested deer

I have turned my passion for the whitetail deer into helping others solve their problems, that is what warms me up, you becoming the success you want to be.

This is the time of year to be on the lookout for Whitetail Deer Does and Whitetail Fawns.  If you see one let it be as the mother is around close by, she stays away because of her scent.  She only comes back to feed her fawn or fawns, as they have no scent on them the first few days.  Once they are old enough to travel then they will be with their mother until old enough to be one their own a little ways from the Doe.  At this time of year I like to put out my trail cameras in their travel and feeding areas to check on the does and fawns to see how they are doing.  Since I do not hunt does or fawns I do enjoy following the fawns growth.  Sooner of later I also start getting pictures of the bucks in the area and the start of their antler growth.  Nothing like seeing a Whitetail deer Buck growing his antlers.  The cameras I use after trying many are listed below.  We all hope this whitetail fawn below grows up to the whitetail deer buck below.



Pictured below is the only camera we use now after spending hundreds of dollars on most other brands. Check out the rating on them.  We have 4 and plan on buying 4 more this year.  We have them out in the field now.

Contact us or use the blog with questions or comments.


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